Ezekiel T Inman

Brick Line
Brick Section
Dates of Service
6 August 1861 - 22 September 1865

Ezekiel Taylor Inman was born December 23, 1840 in Mooresville, Limestone County, Alabama to William Richie and Minerva “Mary” (Kellogg) Inman. As with so many of the time, Inman’s life was not without trials and considerable change.
As a child, Inman’s family moved to Indiana where his father passed away a few years later. In August 1861, Ezekiel Inman joined the 18th Indiana Infantry, mustering-out at the rank of sergeant.
After the Civil War, he settled in Bates County, which had been evacuated under General Order No. 11 in December 1862, and repopulated about 3 years thereafter. Inman would have been part of that reconstruction and recovery. During this time, the nearest towns were Crescent Hill to the north and Coleville to the northeast. He would live to see the railroad built to the east of his farm and the birth of a new town named Adrian in 1880.
Inman’s siblings were also settlers after the war, scattering to the south and west. But Inman made his permanent home in Bates County where he married Lucy Ann Hiser in July 1868. They owned a 40-acre farm in Deer Creek Township, just west of Adrian, where Inman farmed for the remainder of his years. They had three children, but in the short span of four years, Inman would lose two daughters and his beloved wife. Inman remarried Mary McRoberts in 1877 and four children were born to this union. They would also lay a son to rest before Inman lost his own life.
Inman passed away on June 10, 1913 to typhoid fever at the age of 72. He was laid to rest at Crescent Hill Cemetery along with his wives (Lucy and Mary), and children (Louisa Inman, Minerva Inman, Roswell Inman, and Mary Ellen Largent).