To Buy a Memorial Brick

Lt Charles Garrison Veterans Memorial is located just 1/4 mile east of Adrian, Mo on Mo state highway 18.
433 NE St Rt 18
There are memory bricks from nearly every state in the union representing each of the armed services. There are bricks put down here representing persons that served from the civil war to present.

All bricks and 8x8 granite blocks are $50.00 each.

Any US service man or woman, that served anywhere in the World at anytime is qualified.

The bricks will hold 16 characters across and three lines.

Qualifying for an 8x8 granite block is; POW, KIA or Medal Of Honor.

Send the information on your loved one including Name, Rank, Branch of Service, Dates served and if they served overseas, list the theater (country or war zone)served.
We will be happy to format it for you. If you cannot provide all the info just mentioned, don't worry. Provide all you have. Something is much better than nothing at all.
Include $50.00 for each brick.

Mail to:
Veterans Memorial
433 NE St Route 18
Adrian, Mo 64720

For more information call Don at 816 898 2359 or Tim at 660 200 5994

Each memorial name has a page available to use for extra stories and photos. Simply click on a name and view his or her page if information has been submitted.
To submit information for a veterans page, E Mail the story to with "Veteran Memorial" in the subject line. Attach any photos (no more than three) in jpg, png or jpeg format.
To get an idea of what to send in, click on John Petty, Bob Moles, Don Arndt or Steve Hubbard's name and read their pages.